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Back to Black Galerie oko Tatsuya Fujii

Galerie oko  Berlin Germany

'Back to Black' 2008
Installation: citrus fruits charcoal, wood, glass
Drawing & Object: Chinese ink,
citrus fruits juice /paper
citrus fruits charcoal
Video art: 8m56s

The National Art Center Tokyo


Osaka City Museum


Nishnomiya City Gallery Hyogo


'International Open-air Expressions in HIKI'  Saitama Japan
'pleats 06 casket E139.22' 2006
Installation: iron pipe, wood, fabric, electric lights, web camera, WLAN, mobile phone

Oshima Island  Tokyo Japan

Nishinomiya City Otani Memorial Art Museum  Hyogo Japan
'pleats' 2006
Installation: Chinese ink, acrylic colors, ivy, water, dipper, electric moter

CASO(contemporary art space osaka)  Osaka Japan
'pleats2' 2005
Installation: Chinese ink, acrylic colors, Japanese cedar log, wood, water, waterproof sheet, circulation pump, sound device

Nishinomiya City Gallery Hyogo


Gallery Yamaguchi  Tokyo Japan
'pleats1' 2005
Installation: Chinese ink, acrylic colors, Japanese paper, wood, water, waterproof sheet, sound device

Gallery Hina

Gallery Yasokawa  Kobe Japan
'pleats' 2004
drawing: acrylic colors, acrylic sheet, aluminum sheet,

Gallery Yamaguchi Tokyo Japan


Photograph in Japan

Photograph in Europe

Video Art

Historical Museum !?

Infancy Museum !?

(c)T. Fujii

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